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The world business is continuously growing, and the world today is totally different from what it was one month ago, a week ago, or even yesterday. What is important is to keep watching the market, get precise information on the current environment, and build up intelligence. This makes it possible to forecast and predict the future environment.

What is the resource that never runs out? Of course, it is not oil, nor is it natural gas. It is intelligence, or you can call it creativity. We are ready to keep you informed of the trend of the Japanese market and help you build up intelligence.

With detailed analysis and precise forecasting, we can help you build an inroad to the Japanese market in a timely manner and at low cost. You can count on us whenever you think of expanding the market of your products in Japan. Send us project information and let us help you.

3 P's that you need to keep in mind

What do you think the three most important factors when you decided to enter into the Japanese market? They are three P's: people, precision, and punctuality.

People: Business depends on people. If you are found reliable and trustworthy, Japanese partners will be glad to establish a longstanding relationship with you. Because Japan is a homogeneous country surrounded by the sea, people living there are not used to free communications with foreigners. This is one of the reasons why it takes much time to build an inroad to the Japanese market. Take you time until you build a bridgehead.

Precision: Product precision is a critical factor. From our experiences, we found that some foreign companies export products marketed in their home countries as they are to Japan. However, Japanese importers and consumers alike are, in general, most sensitive to precision. If you ship metal products that have burrs, they are unacceptable to the Japanese market. Keep in mind that the Toyota Quality means product precision.

Be alert to delivery. Punctuality is vital. Japanese are educated to do things punctiliously in school and trained to do jobs punctiliously in company. They naturally wish their business partners to be the same. If you wish for a longstanding business relationship, you need to be punctual in every respect.


From Research to Building Alliance

When we receive an inquiry from you, we will do preliminary research for free. It is a one page report, and will be mailed to you usually in a week. Based on the report, negotiations will be conducted to decide whether the project should go on.

We will immediately work on the project once an agreement is reached on details. The first job we will do is to contact relevant trade organizations to get hot information and collect information from every possible news source. With these pieces of information, we will interview influential figures at manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. With as much information as possible, we will write a research report that is 20 pages long and send it by e-mail usually in one month.

You have to decide whether you take further steps or wait until you can build a product acceptable to the Japanese market. If you decided to take further steps, we will construct strategy and contact prospective Japanese partners. We will let you have our strategy and know the responses from prospective Japanese partners. We will make arrangements for direct negotiations with them in Japan. Please come to Japan. We will accompany you to business negotiations and help you open up business in Japan.

Once your products are put on the Japanese market, we will keep watch on your business on your behalf to help you establish a longstanding relationship with your partners.

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